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I headed to the County Licensing and Permit office first thing this morning to take care of some business license stuff. It didn't even occur to me that there would be some waiting time until I went to enter the office and saw the sign that said since they have longer wait times, they provide free wifi in the reception room.

Oh great.

I only had my phone with me (Rats! I could've gotten some work done! Note to self: Take ipad with you for any appointment, just in case), so this is how Facebook and I spent my waiting time:

Took a plural test a friend had shared. Did pretty well!

Took a "Which muscle car are you?" test, also shared by a friend (Thank you, friends, for keeping me busy while waiting!). Not sure if this is the actual muscle car I would buy if I ever wanted to buy a muscle car since I didn't understand many of the options for the questions the survey asked (engine size? type? huh?), but this Ford Mustang does look pretty fun! And it's red. I've always wanted a red car...

An interesting (and maybe subconsciously-related) fact: The parents of my first best friends (that I remember) had a Ford Mustang, and I called it a "Holly Kay Car" because their names were Holly and MaryKay. So I guess this was meant to be my muscle car. If I ever buy one. Which I don't see myself doing.


Entered myself and a friend (You're very welcome, Diane!) in a contest to win a year of free Almond Milk. Because that would be awesome!

Another California Riverside Missionary Mom posted a picture, and Parker was in it! Too fun! They were at a "Greenie Dinner" for a brand new missionary. Still can't believe our boy will be home 8 weeks from today!

Read a funny article about tweets from parents, and it really was very funny! I could so relate to many of them.

I'm really hoping I win that year of free Almond Milk. That would make my wait today so worth it! But if not, that's okay too. At least I kept busy, even if it was a totally-wasting-time sort of busy.

I've just got to remember that ipad next time...


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