Places I've Run

When I started running way back on October 23, 1998, I decided to keep track of all the different states/cities/places I've run in. I always take my running shoes with me when I travel so this list should continue to grow. I hope to eventually add Italy to my list (see Bucket List). :o)

Arizona: Phoenix area 
California:  Bakersfield
Florida: Orlando area, Jacksonville, Tampa/Clearwater, Miami area, Ft. Myers, Daytona Beach
Georgia: Atlanta area, Warner Robbins
Hawaii: Oahu/North Shore
Idaho: Pocatello, Rexburg, Boise
Kentucky: Lexington
Montana: West Yellowstone
Nevada: Las Vegas
New York: Rochester, Central Park (yeah!)
Utah: Provo, St. George
Virginia: Fairfax
Tennessee: Nashville
Colorado: Denver

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