Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I'm Susan. I'm a wife, mother, writer, runner, pianist, wanna-be artist, and someday I'll be a violinist too. And I'm a Mormon.

A little more about me (in no particular order):

1.   I love my husband and kids (of course!)
2.   My foundation is the gospel of Jesus Christ
3.   I’m not really picky, but I am particular about a few things:
      Peanut Butter: only Jif Creamy
      Tissue: only Kleenex with lotion
      Dark Chocolate: only Dove Dark Chocolate
4.   I love to have a routine
5.   I love cheese, the sharper the better
6.   I love my husband’s Caesars Salad
7.   I love to do research--to find the pieces of the puzzle and then put them  together
8.   I love to read
9.   I want to become a proficient violinist
10. I love to play the piano
11. I like Rachmaninoff
12. I like Chopin, too
13. I’m a night owl
14. I want to go to Florence, Italy, and see “The David”
15. I love Hawaii and I really think I could live there           
16. I love date nights!
17. I love tulips
18. I love hydrangeas
19. I love fall colors
20. I love spring colors
21. I love my Chihuahuas (known as "the girls" on this blog)
22. I love reading
23. I love grilled cheese sandwiches
24. I love to study the scriptures
25. I love to teach the youth
26. I do not sing!!!!!
27. I think teachers can make or break students (see #26)
28. When I get tired I twirl my hair, and I’ve been doing this since I was very little
29. I love to go to church
30. I love General Conference
31. I love to go shopping with my girls
32. I love to watercolor
33. I love to run
34. I love to spend time with friends
35. I want to be a better tennis player – or even just be a tennis player
36. I want to learn how to golf so I can give my husband some competition
37. I loathe typos - especially my own
38. I love UK Basketball
39. I love BYU football and basketball
40. I root for the Florida Gators unless they’re playing BYU or UK
41. I love Dairy Queen’s Chocolate Extreme Blizzard made with chocolate ice cream
42. I do not like chocolate shakes made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup, they have to be made with chocolate ice cream
43. I love to watch figure skating
44. I love to watch gymnastics
45. I love the Olympic Games – Summer and Winter (I’m an Olympics junkie)
46. I love/have to have a plan and don’t do well without one
47. I don’t really like to drive
48. I like to stay home most of the time
49. I love to find a bargain
50. I love to learn
51. I’m very curious
52. I love to help people
53. I sometimes judge people too quickly
54. I love to go to the Temple
55. I’ve attended Boy Scout Camp more times than any boy I know
56. I don’t really care for super tense movies
57. I’ll root for anyone who plays Duke or Tennessee
58. I love cereal
59. I love to keep a journal but I’m horrible at it--hopefully this blog counts for something? :)

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