A Major Catch-up, part 1: Parker's Mission

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I know.

I have been a horrible blogger for the past nine months.

What can I say?!

Since I spend the majority of my day writing for my job in one capacity or another, I really don't feel like doing any other writing, and when you get a few months behind, the thought of catching up is not really appealing.


Since I like to print my blog every year for family history's sake, I'm going to do a few quick updates, and hopefully do better at blogging in 2015.


Here's the first update - a lot of pictures Parker has sent us from his mission (and I don't have any info for most of them - just want to post them):

These next two pictures are from the car accident Parker and his companion were in. A lady came straight at them and for some unknown reason didn't hit the front passenger side where Parker was sitting. It was amazing that no one was hurt, and Parker talked about how he knew they were being protected. We were very thankful...to say the least!

 Can you guess which pumpkin is Parker's? The UK/Nike one, of course! :)

This is the second pair of shoes he's worn out. Thank heavens for Missionary Mall's two-year wear guarantee!

 This is our Facetime call with him at Christmas. He was loving the UK shirt we sent him!
He's doing really well, and will be home on March 10th. His mission has flown by, and it's been fun to see him change and grow. He was an awesome kid before he left, and he's even more awesome now!

We love having a missionary, and it looks like we'll have another one in the next year or so. Kailen says she's be going on a mission! :)


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