[6/21/11] My Bucket is Emptier

My Bucket List, that is. Here are the six things I crossed off last week:

We went here:

And saw this:

 And saw these:

And did this:

(I really am running faster than it looks...)

And saw this:

 (I was about 2 feet away from Ann at one point, she 
really is a very nice person!)

And went here:

(Ground Zero)

John had a meeting in NYC so I tagged along. We stayed a few extra days and turned the trip into a late 25th Anniversary trip. 

We ate: New York bagels, New York hot dogs from a street vendor, New York pizza, Italian food in Little Italy, and Junior's cheesecake. 

We saw the sights - tons of them.

We shopped on Canal Street (a truly memorable experience). And I got a fabulous new purse!

We enjoyed spending time together in the city that truly never sleeps.

And it was awesome!

Now I need to add some new things to my Bucket List. :o)


  1. Ah, memories... I'm so glad you got to go!!! And you gotta get a purse on Canal street!


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